Student Body President



The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Graduate Student Government (GSG). The President is responsible for leading GSG in achieving the objectives of the GSG Constitution while enhancing the Clemson University experience for all Clemson graduate students.

Serve as a spokesperson for the Graduate Student Body

 Provide vision and direction to the organization

 Issue proclamations of a celebratory nature and recognize graduate student achievements and

contributions to graduate student life

 Shall represent the Graduate Student Body to the Board of Trustees and the Academic Council

 Recommend legislation

 Approve or veto Senate bills requiring his/her signature within seven (7) days of passage through

the Senate

 Make appointments to university committees on which GSG is entitled to representation or on

which the opinion of GSG has been solicited

 Appoint non-elected members of the President's Cabinet with Senate approval

 Appoint individuals to any other positions required by legislation with Senate approval