Community Outreach

Community service and outreach is an important goal for most university graduate students. To be engaged in outreach and service means to use our teaching, research and service to address important social issues within our local communities. Being a diverse student body, we also need to think globally in order to engage all our students. Community service and outreach can help produce well prepared graduate students that can address the complex issues in our world as they build their success in their careers. These enriching opportunities can provide all graduate students with practical opportunities to prepare them for their careers, an appreciation for diversity, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, new knowledge of various internships and off-campus opportunities.

The Clemson University Graduate Student Government is committed to creating a space that can provide graduate students opportunities and access to service and outreach. We hope to showcase our current graduate students' work in outreach, Clemson University's initiatives and other student organization or community organization's work in service and outreach.  In the past year, we have collaboratively worked with several organizations like the Mutlicultural Gantt Center, Walk for Veterans, South Carolina 4H club and some local schools. We hope to expand our reach to serve our local community better and provide more enriching opportunities for our graduate students by working with more student organizations and community organizations. 

For this year, we have a few events and opportunities planned and we hope to add more to our calendar in order to provide a wide range of learning and service opportunities to our graduate students. Here are a few events to help you get involved with communities in and around our University:

Service Opportunity: EMAG!NE Network

Future Engineers (Clemson and Six Mile)

Future Engineers, led by Dr. Melissa Smith (ECE) is also underway.  This is their 3rd week of their six week program with Clemson and Six Mile Elementary Schools.  Each week, they visit the schools (Clemson on Wednesdays and Six Mile on Thursdays) and lead STEAM activities for 4th and 5th grade students after school.  They have led coding/robotics activities the first two weeks and this week, the students will be challenged to build a foam roller coaster.  If anyone has an activity they would like to lead for Future Engineers or is interested in volunteers, please contact Dr. Smith (  

These are great opportunities for all of us to give back and inspire young students in South Carolina and to help them connect the dots between the subjects they are learning in schools and their applications in practice.  This also exposes the students to the many opportunities that are available in STEAM related careers.