Finance Committee

Smriti Bhargava | Economics

Director of Finances


Ankit Varma | Mechanical Engineering

Xiaoyan "Gemma" Jiang | Educational Leadership

Elaine Sotherden | Mathematical Sciences

Chair of the Finance Committee


Ryan Monk | Chemical Engineering

Jaime Murphy | Chemistry

Joshua Wood | Rhetoric, Communication, & Information Design

Guidelines for Funding

1. Obtain Organization Recognition

Your respective organization must be recognized by the Graduate Student Government at Clemson University (GSG). Only organizations that are currently recognized will be available in the selection box on the funding request form. If your organization loses it recognition status, your organization must wait 60 days from the date or de-recognition to apply for re-recognition through the GSG Senate. If your organization were to lose its recognition status after receiving funding for an event, GSG WILL still fund the event in question, but your organization could not receive additional funding until it is re-recognized.

2. Complete the Funding Request

To apply for funding, click on the Apply for Funding link and complete the funding request. The form must be completed by a graduate student, not a faculty advisor. Once you have completed the request you will be taken to a confirmation page.

After completing the request for funding, the student organization must look up the date for the next funding on the calendar (if we have a link for a calendar of finance committee meetings, we can put it up here) . They should also be on the lookout for an email from the organizations committee chair reminding them about the funding hearing. Each student organization must send at least one representative from the organization to present their case (involving a description of the organization, the event and giving justification for their request for funding). They do not need to possess all receipts at the hearing but they must have an idea of all possible expenses and all possible sources of revenue for the event in question.

If the student organization is unable to find a member to represent their organization at the hearing, they must notify the Finance Committee chair and seek to make arrangements to attend the next meeting. Failure to be present at a finance committee hearing would lead to cancellation of the finance reimbursement/request.

Application for GSG organizations funding

3. Monitor the Funding Request Status

After completing the funding request, your information will be available in the Funding Request History which will allow you to follow the status of your request. Click here to check the status of your request. You will receive an email from the Finance Committee Chair each time the status of your funding request changes. You should return to the funding request history to check the status. The following are status types and what they mean:

Pending - This means that you have submitted your funding request to the Finance Committee for review. The finance committee chair will contact you for a time to attend a funding hearing and answer questions for the Finance Committee.

Pending Senate - This means that the Finance Committee has recommended some funding and that recommendation has been sent to the GSG Senate for approval. Note: DO NOT assume that the Finance Committee approved the full amount of your request; make sure you view the full request. Also, at this stage, your funding is NOT guaranteed.

Approved- This means that your funding request has been approved by the GSG Senate as a funding bill and signed by the Student Body President.

Denied - This means that your funding request has been denied. This can occur at the Finance Committee level or the GSG Senate. Once a funding request is denied the process for applying for funding is over. Denied funding requests cannot be appealed.

4. Reimbursement for Expenses

Once your funding request status is "Approved", you may begin the process of getting reimbursed. You MUST follow the following protocol:

1. Submit electronic copies of ITEMIZED receipts to the GSG Treasurer ( Once the Treasurer receives your receipts she will unlock your funding request for reimbursement by the Student Affairs Business Office.Failure to turn in itemized receipts to the GSG Treasurer by the receipt due date will result in denial of funding reimbursement for the event. Once funding is denied due to failure to turn in receipts it WILL NOT be restored. Non-itemized receipts cannot be reimbursed.

2. At the same time, you should also complete the Student Affairs Reimbursement Form (located under Forms), and turn in original itemized receipts with the form to Julie Garica in the Student Affairs Business office in 804 University Union. Please allow up to two weeks for reimbursements to go through.

Important Considerations

-If you turn in your receipts to the Student Affairs Business Office and do not email electronic copies to the GSG Treasurer then you will not be reimbursed. The Student Affairs Business Office cannot see your reimbursement until the Treasurer unlocks the request. Again, failure to turn in itemized receipts to the GSG Treasurer by the receipt due date will result in denial of funding reimbursement for the event. Once funding is denied due to failure to turn in receipts it WILL NOT be restored.

-Pay attention to the receipt due dates. You must turn in receipts to both the Student Affairs Business Office and the GSG Treasurer by these dates.

Please select personal reimbursement and give the details accordingly in the personal reimbursement section and organization section of the RFF.

Terms and Conditions

This official funding request for an event from Graduate Student Government (hereinafter GSG) recognized graduate student organization. By submitting this funding request to the GSG, I do affirm that all of the information contained within this application and any supplemental materials is correct to the best of my knowledge as of the date of this application.

By submitting this funding request to the GSG, I do affirm that I have read and understand all of the requirements set forth by the CGSG for maintaining recognized status and for receiving allocated funds from GSG. Furthermore, I agree to ensure my organization abides by all of the requirements and regulations set by the GSG for retaining recognized status. I understand that if my organization does not abide by GSG requirements and regulations, the organization will lose recognized status and all monies allocated to the organization.

By submitting this funding request to the GSG, I agree that the GSG does not guarantee funding to recognized organizations even upon submission of this funding request. I understand that GSG reserves the right to fund completely, fund partially, or not fund any item specified within this funding request. I affirm that I have read the information on the Procedures page of the Funding Request Service and understand the process for review, approval, and reimbursement.

I further understand that if I have received and/or applied for a Professional Enrichment Grant, I may not apply for the same funding through this service. If I apply for funding through this service I understand that I may not apply for funding through the Professional Enrichment Grant Application Service (PEGAS). I understand that applying for and/or receiving funding from both sources is a violation of GSG finance policies and can result in suspension of organization funding privileges, derecognition of the said organization, and in special circumstances charges filed with the Clemson University Office of Community and Ethical Standards.

I have read and understand the Clemson University policy on alcohol use by student organizations and will file appropriate paperwork with all required offices on campus and retain all required signatures. I will retain a copy of my authorizations and have this information available at the said event if it is requested by a Clemson University official or law enforcement officer.

Clemson University Alcohol Policy

If your organization is serving alcohol then you are required to disclose this information. Failure to abide by Clemson University Organizations alcohol policies is punishable by organization and individual (student) suspension up to (and including) expulsion from the university.


Advertise your events with GSG

Graduate student organizations, if planning events that are open to the public, must advertise with GSG through the GSG newsletter, GSG social media platforms and GSG calendar. Use the "Promote your Event" button here to advertise with us!