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The Director of Communications will be charged with coordinating all GSG communications, including creation and dissemination of content through GSG emails and blog. They will be responsible for all social media and video content produced by GSG, to ensure efficient and effective communication. They will also work with campus partners to streamline the dissemination of information to diverse graduate populations. The Director will co-chair the GSG Communications Committee, which is focused on evaluating GSG communications feedback and identifying areas for improvement. The Director is responsible for documenting through film, Senate meetings and overseeing photography for GSG. A portion of the approved Communications budget will be available for social media analytics and boosting, therefore the Director will also be responsible for maintaining social media budget.

Specific duties including, but not limited to...

 Co-Chair Communications Committee

 Maintain GSG blog and Google calendar

 Serve as a GSG representative to the following entities:

o Clemson University Media Relations

o Tiger Media

 Consults and advises the Executive Team on all communication strategies

 Communicates information about the events, programming, and policy changes of the GSG to the student body

 Develops innovative methods of communication, including social media networking, direct contact with student organizations, and visual advertisements with assistance from Assistant Director

 Oversees the development and dissemination of all internal and external GSG communications