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The Chief of Staff will be charged with overseeing the internal workings of the Executive Branch of GSG, working closely with the President to ensure GSG internal practices are congruent with its mission. They will also assist the President in representing GSG through university committees and task forces. They will work with GSG officers and campus partners to cultivate relationships across campus, helping to maintain partnerships and to build new ones to communicate GSG's vision and shape various new initiatives. They will also oversee legal aid requests received through the GSG email account.

Specific duties Included, But not limited to...

Serve as a GSG representative to the following entities:

o Graduate Success Collaborative Team

o Campus Planning Task Force

o *Other groups and events, as needed

• Maintain communication with cabinet members to monitor progress of cabinet directors and assist as needed

• Promptly respond to all legal aid request received via GSG email account

• Chair the Excellence in Mentoring Award Committee